Cookies Biscuit Dropping Machine

Cookies Biscuit Dropping Machine

Fully Automatic Wire Cut Cookies Machine

Click to ZoomFully automatic wire cut cookie machine
Produce up to 1000 Kgs / 12 hrs.

The Fully Automatic Wire Cut Cookie Machine gives you uncompromising quality in automatic cookie production resulting in lower production & labour costs. It is equipped to provide more hygiene and a wide range of shapes and size for producing cookies.

Also, this machine gives you total flexibility for both large and small production requirements. Apart from being compact in size, it offers varying output capacities, which are not manually possible. It also enables you with production option ranging from 80 kgs to 100 Kgs per hour, which means you can produce up to 1000 Kgs of cookies per day.

Technical specifications :

  1. Operating width / Tray width: 400 mm i.e., 16” / 450 mm i.e., 18” . Length of the tray as per requirement.
  2. Aluminium Die Plate 4 nos. With every machine as per requirement
  3. Drive Helical Geared Motor 1.0 H.P. for Industrial Model
  4. No. of rows 40 maximum
  5. Twin grooved feed rolls for uniform feeding of dough
  6. Gap between the biscuits, adjustable stroke wise on the trays. Weight of a cookie is adjustable.
  7. No. of cavities 4-12, depending on the design, shape & size of cookies
  8. Wire frame, easily adjustable by thumble screw
  9. All contact parts are in aluminium and stainless steel.
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