Bread Rotary Rack Oven

Dough Sheeter

Product Details:
  • Design Type: Customized

Dough Sheeter For Puff and Kharis.

Rotary Rack Oven

The design of Bread Rotary Rack Oven makes heat retention easy. It has a single piece door with heat reflecting glass to retain heat. It reaches to the maximum temperature of 350 degree Celsius and is automated using an electronic digital display. The steel heat exchanger ensures high temperature and low fuel consumption. We use the best quality stainless steel for easy maintenance.


  • Large extended steel hood with strips
  • Steam generator on feed wall for enhanced steaming
  • Efficient distribution of air for heightened baking performance

Other Details:

  • Rotary Rack Oven with turntable
  • Stainless Steel body & baking chamber for easy maintenance
  • One-piece door with heat reflecting glass
  • Specially designed gasket gives complete sealing of door
  • Large steel heat exchanger ensures lower fuel consumption & fully indirect heating. From cold to 250° C in 20 mts
  • Max. Temperature 350° C. Precisely controlled by Electronic Digital Display Controller
  • Pictorial indicating plate with two languages for better understanding
  • Steam generator on feed wall for better steaming
  • Excellent air distribution system for optimum baking performance
  • Illuminating elements outside main heating chamber with off facility to reduce electricity bills
  • A large extended Steel Hood with strips
  • Easy handling process, requires minimum training
  • The Trolly is stopped automatically in fixed loading /unloading position.
  • Oven has been appreciated by many & users are happy & satisfied by Oven Performance.


  • 350 Loaves (400 gms) per batch (Half Hour)
  • 180 Loaves (800 gms) per batch ( Half hour)
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